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Established and firmly managed taxi service in the german tourist area Hochsauerland for sale. Reference- 514313


For sale is in a very solid managed taxi company in an excellent location of the german tourist region Hochsauerland / Willingen. In addition to the usual private transport, the company also carries out the transport of holiday guests to the Ruhrgebiet area, also school trips, handicapped transport and carrier services for companies and retirement homes. Almost half of the municipals taxi licenses are in possession of the company. There are good relationships to the local hotels.



The company is for sale because of the coming retirement of the owner. After transfer of the business he is available for a conscientious incorporation for 3 - 6 months.



The company was founded in the year 2006, moved in the year 2009 into the own company building and developed during the following years to the leading taxi company on site.



Sales class: 750 - 800 T €. The company has been generating constant sales for years and is working profitably.



The customer structure is made up of approximately 80% vacation guests in the prosperous holiday region Hochsauerland / Willingen and another 20% from private trips, moving of patients, etc. together. Due to the rising numbers of overnight stays and the increasing number of day visitors, future sales are safed.



The company has approximately 10 full-time and 18 part-time employees, all of whom hold a valid passenger transport license. All employees know the locations well through their close residences. They are a well-rehearsed team.



Excellent business location in the further Hochsauerland / Willingen area, with very good access to the public transport network of the winter sports and holiday area.



Taxis slots are available right on the spot, as well as the headquarters and a workshop. The commercial property can be purchased on request (due to the prime location recommended). Personal networks and connections to local decision-makers and the banks are outstanding. The number of competitors is very manageable.



The company is well utilized and works with 2 friendly taxi companies at peak times. By investing in marketing and possibly intensifying business contacts, there is considerable potential to generate additional sales.



100% of the company's shares are for sale.