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Engineering And Manufacturing Company For Sale

The owner sells production and engineering company that specializes in manufacturing equipment for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. The company is a world leader by quantity of and variety of produced models.

What is for sale:


Unpatented proprietary technology – custom design engineering. 
All equipment is successfully working in various enterprises in different countries. There is all necessary detailed documentation for each model (working drawings) for series production. 
Full set of metal-working equipment, selected in such a way that makes it possible to produce almost any type of processing equipment. The company has all the necessary metal-processing machinery and tools and personnel for the production of the most sophisticated models of equipment, including control systems and automation. 
Own R&D department, equipped with a variety of laboratory models to perform the tests with customers. 
Trained staff (workers, engineers, salespeople) 
Current orders 
Projects of orders (future orders – communication with customer in progress) 
Stock balance 
Marketing materials - sales tools such as websites, brochures, photo bank and so on. 
Currently production area is located in Central Europe, can be relocated where needed.