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Cooperative participation in patents, innovations and with a variety of benefits for you, children and grandchildren!

Grandpa founds a start-up cooperative for energy, environmental protection and health when he retires and needs your help. A first forward-looking Austrian patent has already been granted - international extension "PCT" as well as for the USA and further PCT patents applied for. You too can benefit from the patents, innovations through use, profit sharing or in a top job within our start-up, no matter where you live, as a partner - producer, - entrepreneur in the various industries. We want to improve the quality of life and the future prospects of many! With further projects in development, we could

• Stop global warming within a very short time! Adenauer is said to have once responded to a journalist's question: "Why did he change his opinion from yesterday?": "What was correct yesterday is no longer correct today!"

• Reduce energy costs by up to approx. 50% through patentable, renewable energy projects! Private individuals do not receive any public project funding. Questions to representatives of political institutions usually do not give you an answer. Hence the initiative “establishing a cooperative”. Here the majority of the cooperative members is decisive and not the amount of the capital contribution, etc.

• Provide the world -nutrition, -health, -safety and thus stop the flow of refugees! "Innovation comes from thinking differently!" • Cut construction and housing costs in half without destroying the environment! Grandpa successfully planned a project 30 years ago and was awarded a "2nd place state prize". In other words, he has experience and now, in retirement, he has the time he needs.

• Direct political activities for the benefit of the people, our health and environmental protection. Politicians are currently only acting to maintain their own power and to cover the greed for profit of some via lobbyists, corruption, etc.

• Make your innovative idea a success. We know that there are many people with ideas for better coexistence, but lack the means, access or courage to implement them. "Courage is the first step to change, to success!"

• Offer solutions to most of today's problems! As a member of the cooperative, you have a say! We provide advance information to our members. The majority of approval or rejection decides on further measures. We need "many", we need you, who have a positive effect with a small capital investment, e.g. with a one-off start-up fee of € 10.00. Thus, everyone can achieve a life-affirming basis, but also financial advantages, with the projects and from it for themselves, their children and grandchildren. Grandpa has already spent more than 1,000 times the costs etc. and is ready to share the success with you. Interested, YES? Please only report if you are in a member state of the EU; CH, or USA live, have serious intentions to have a positive influence on the future. Respond to this information by e-mail under "founder interest" - share this information with like-minded people - we will then be happy to send you further information.