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AR Movement Therapy - playful cancer therapy for children, digital support, user-friendly app, and strategic development.

An exceptional opportunity is available for the acquisition of a technologically leading company in the field of movement therapy for children with cancer. The offered solution consists of an Augmented Reality (AR)-based application that supports children in carrying out therapeutic exercises independently and playfully.
A primary challenge in traditional therapy is to build and maintain sufficient motivation in children to perform exercises regularly. The proposed technology provides a groundbreaking solution for this by designing the exercises to be interactive and playful. The Serious Games app incorporates elements from real therapy and displays them in an AR environment, creating a motivating and appealing setting for the children.

Already, tests have been conducted with clinics and written agreements exist for further cooperation. The product has gained media attention and funding, which validates its potential and viability.

Despite the immense success of the initiative, an exit is planned due to other projects, but there is openness to various participation models. The primary objective is to transfer the majority shares to an external investor who will continue the vision and mission of the company and provide the necessary resources for its growth and expansion.