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​1. General questions

What are FAQ?
FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions;
frequently asked questions about

What may I advertise on
Generally, you can advertise any corporate sale / repurchase, corporate participation and corporate succession offer or request that includes a concrete purchase or selling intention. Neither credit or debt offerings, advisory offers without a concrete purchase or selling intention of company shares / equity capital nor obviously untrustworthy advertisements in violation of any applicable law are allowed.

How do I place an ad on
You must complete your registration to place an ad on After completing your registration you can use the “Advertise” button to place an ad.

What happens to my data?
Your data will be managed carefully and anonymously. Please see the general terms and conditions for details.

What are the usage costs of
All functions e.g. search, advertise, and sending contact requests are free. However, you can decide to buy premium upgrades for your advertisements. The cost for this premium products are explicitly listed. With us there are no hidden costs!

Where can I see how long the ads are listed?
To offer you the highest possible transparency, each advertisement is listed with its creation date and sorted by this.

How will prospects contact me?
Each listing has its own code number. Contact requests will be automatically transferred to the advertiser via email. For data protection reasons we ask you not to include any private contact details in your ad.

Why should I use
The offers several advantages over comparable offerings on the Internet. offers you the possibility of free advertisement and the professional background of Stemas AG. The Stemas AG is an established consulting and investment company for the German Mittelstand, bringing together the best possible expertise in the field of medium-sized companies and German SMEs.

Who operates is operated by the Stemas AG. was designed particularly for the German SME sector to offer a platform to deal cost-effectively, quickly and confidently with company purchases / sales. The Stemas AG has used its long term experience in the consulting and investment business to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

​2. Questions about the sale/purchase process:

What is the procedure when I find an interesting advertisement?
The business exchange is designed to help mid-sized businesses, to find a prospective partner as cost-effective as possible. Therefore, we try to establish a direct connection between entrepreneurs and businesses. Interested in an ad? Simply write a contact request and the first step for a successful future together is set.

I sent a contact request but did not get any response. What can I do?
Mainly, there are two reasons for unanswered requests: First, the advertiser is no longer interested in a purchase / sale. Second, your first message has been forgotten, in the latter case please feel free to send a second request. In order to ensure a high quality and a professional conduct on our platform, we ask you to address advertisers in a polite and professional way.

Is there another way for me to contact advertisers?
To guarantee the safety of your personal data, the first contact will always be established directly over the ad number. We do not publish any email addresses at any point. As soon as you established a connection with the advertisers, please feel free to use all means of communications.

What do I have to consider during a company purchase?
You found a business you’re interested in? Feel free to contact the advertiser in an appropriate way. After establishing a connection with the advertiser we recommend to check again the company’s  to make sure that you didn’t miss any crucial information which could change your mind. The next step for both sides is to sign a confidentiality agreement. To make sure both buyer and seller deal with the appropriate discretion with the shared information during the deal process. As soon as both parties have signed the confidentially agreement you can exchange whatever information is necessary. If your negotiations are successful and you agreed on all points the final step will be to sign a purchase contract and finalize the transactions.

What do I have to consider during a company sale?
The first step is a professional representation of your company. The platform offers you the optimal possibility to present your company. Just enter all the data you want to provide for potential prospects. When somebody is interested in your company and reaches out to you, you should prepare a confidentiality agreement. A confidentiality agreement will guarantee the necessary discretion for the data exchanged during the sell-process. In addition, a realistic price should serve as a basis for successful negotiations. When starting the sell-process you should already know what documents might be requested by an prospective buyer. Once agreed you need to set up a professional purchase agreement.

Do I need a lawyer?
In general Legal advice is not required. For the first contact legal advice should not be required. However, as soon as you approach the closure of the deal, we recommend consulting the assistance of a legal counsel.

Is the assistance of a consultant recommended?
The platform is intended to shape the buying/selling for German SME and mid-sized companies as easy as possible. We try to keep the process as economically and bureaucratically efficient as possible for you. Therefore, expensive consultant services should generally be avoided using If, however, during the course of sale- / purchase-process difficulties or problems occur you should rely on the support of professional consultants.

What is a prerequisite for successful selling/buying process?
There are several crucial factors to consider to guarantee a successful transaction. Make sure to negotiate with an appropriate counterparty, will provide you all services needed to find a counterparty genuinely interested in your advertisement. Make sure to start the negotiations with realistic price expectancy. If necessary contact professional consultants to value your business. Last but not least, make sure close the deal with a professional and legally immaculate transaction contract.

How should I approach my search?
Before you start searching for your new business make sure you know precisely what you’re looking for. Our search allows you to enter various specific search parameters. Our search function is divided in buy and sells requests. Additionally you can specify your search through various business parameters (e.g. sales, industry, the location (country, federal state), and number of employees). The matching results will be listed according to their release date. As soon as an advertisement catches your interest feel free to send a first contact request via our contact form.

Why self-employment?
The desire for entrepreneurial independence can have various individual causes. For many entrepreneurs the corporate and personal freedom, the alternative to unemployment or the general desire to be self-reliant are the main motivation to become their own boss.

How long does it take to sell a company?
As a rule of thumb, the sale- / purchase process of a business will take between three and six months. In general, the better the parties are prepared, the faster the process will be completed. A clear asking price and all relevant documents should be prepared in advance.

How can help finding me a company/buyer?
If desired, you can use our e-mail notification service. You will be notified by email when a new ad will be uploaded that meets your desired criteria. Activate the automatic notification service. Please follow the instructions on the webpage.

​3. Technical questions:

I forgot my password. How can I recover it?
If you lose your password, simply click on "forgot password" above the “password” box on the homepage. Enter your username to receive an email with your password.

How do I change my ad?
Of course you can edit your ad at any time. Simply click on your “my advertisements” in the internal area and choose the ad you want to edit. You will be directed to your ads detail page, where you can edit, add, and delete all the information you want.

How do I prolong an ad?
A renewal of your ad is only possible ten days from the expiration date. You will automatically receive an email that reminds you of the date at the beginning of the renewal period. From this point, you can renew your ad in your “my advertisements” space.

How do I remove an ad?
You can delete all your ads at any time by clicking the delete button in your “my advertisements” space.

How can I contact
If you like to contact us, please send us an email to:


We welcome all suggestions for improvement, outlined problems and ideas to improve our services to guarantee a service to your full satisfaction.