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A start-up is a young company, which has recently been established, or is still in the establishment phase. The start-up phase refers to the first phase of the business life cycle. Establishing a start-up involves usually a unique and innovative idea of one or several entrepreneurs. This business idea should bring high growth potential with it, so that after a successful establishment phase, the company becomes profitable or can be sold to investors.

The biggest problem of start-up companies is mostly to find appropriate financing or to raise enough capital. The starting capital of the founders is usually not sufficient to achieve a cost-covering establishment of the business model. Many startups therefore are looking for financial support through venture capital and business angels.

The first contact with respect to the establishment of or stake holding in innovative start-up companies can be established on a company exchange platform like Furthermore the confidential exchange of information on financing the startup or details regarding the company acquisition can be shared on a confidential and anonymous bases on the platform.